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The Brandon Caserta Foundation

In honor and memory of our son who died by suicide while serving in the US Navy as an Aviation Electrician Third Class.   
Brandon Boot Camp Photo_edited.jpg
Brandon Boot Camp Photo_edited_edited.jpg

Our Mission

The Brandon Caserta Foundation mission, in an effort to save our military service members and veterans, will provide assistance, guidance, education, and resources to active-duty service members, veterans, and their families.  The protection of the men and women who have selflessly volunteered and dedicated their lives to serve this great Nation is desperately needed.  The Brandon Caserta Foundation will protect the health and well-being of our Military Force and veterans through the early identification and intervention of problems they face on a daily basis.


The men and women face systemic problems every day and it is only escalating.  The number of suicides, sexual assaults, murders, domestic violence/abuse, child abuse, bullying, hazing, incidents of toxic abusive leadership in commands, and many other issues has only gone up, not down.  It is The Brandon Caserta Foundation’s mission to get our service members and veterans the help they need when they need it without retaliation from their leadership and the VA. 


Our mission is to stop the suicide epidemic in the Armed Forces and veteran communities.  It’s time to defend our defenders.  One suicide is too many!

Our Vision

The vision of The Brandon Caserta Foundation is to end the epidemic of suicide in our Armed Forces and the veteran communities.  We are hoping to provide service members, veterans and their families with items and services that were very important to Brandon.  We would like to provide, bicycles as that was Brandon's sole means of transportation and he loved to ride his bike everywhere.  We would also like to provide swim lessons and karate classes which were favorite sports of Brandon's.  


Another vision we have is to provide families a way to be with their service member during their time of need.  We would like to provide them with travel accommodations or if they are unable to go, we would go to lend support and help the best we can.  We would love to also provide mental health help to both communities.  We would like to have phycologists and psychiatrists who work with us pro bono to help.  The mental health of our service members and veterans are extremely important.  If Brandon was afforded mental health help in the military, he would be here today. 

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