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About Brandon

Brandon was born on May 25, 1997.  He was perfect to us.  He was a very skinny kid who was constantly running, swimming, playing football, and practicing karate.  He had the biggest heart and never changed throughout his life.  He was constantly helping people and being there for everyone.  He did not want to hurt anyone's feelings and when he got a little bigger would always find a way to help others.  


Brandon always lived by his karate code words:  Honor, Respect, Patience, and Kindness.  He was a very happy, compassionate, giving, supportive, and respectful young man.  His smile was so radiant contagious.  No matter what he was doing, he would smile.  He had a great personality and always made you laugh.  He never placed judgment on anyone.  He touched so many lives in such a short time. 

Brandon was very athletic.  At the age of four we put him in karate, which came very easy to him, and swim lessons living in Arizona, he definitely needed to learn to swim.  He eventually joined the US Swim Team. He started flag football when he was five and started tackle football when he was about 12.  In high school, he ran track, played football, and was on his high school swim team where he came in 5th in the State of Arizona his senior year competing in his favorite stroke, the breaststroke.  He was always on the go.  If he wasn’t doing sports, he was working out.  

Brandon decided to join the Navy to become a Navy Seal in his sophomore year.  He worked tirelessly for two years to get his Navy SEAL contract.  He worked out with a great bunch of guys who he helped and pushed so they could get their special warfare contracts as well.  Brandon rode his bicycle everywhere.  He put at least 17 miles a day on his bike on top of his 2-hour swim and running workout and maintained this ritual for two years.    

Brandon touched more people than he realizes.  He helped so many of his friends and acquaintances.  He was very supportive and compassionate.  He was a great son, grandson, cousin and friend.  Brandon, you will be sorely missed by so many, and we are so very proud of you. 


We are honored God put you in our lives. 

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