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Meet Brandon's Team

Teri Caserta
Mother of Brandon

I am the mother of Brandon Caserta.  I had been an executive assistant for over 30 years.  I have managed up to 15 people at once.  I have created and managed many events in my career, and I am very proud of what I have accomplished in my job-related activities. 


I never thought I would have to do the same type of activities once I retired from the workforce, but here I am.  The day Brandon died was the day I didn’t have a choice.  I am honored and proud to carry on Brandon’s legacy of helping others.  I never knew the suicide rate was so high for our men and women in uniform until Brandon died by suicide. 


Since his death, my greatest accomplishment for the men and women in uniform was getting The Brandon Act passed.  President Joe Biden signed it into law on December 27, 2021.  We lose 2-3 active-duty service members and 25 veterans to suicide every day.  I am going to get that number down to zero.  This can be done with hard work, determination, and nonstop activism.  Your donations will help save the lives of our active-duty service members and veterans. 

Patrick Caserta
Father of Brandon
22-year Navy Senior Chief 

Patrick is the father of Brandon Caserta.  He is a 22-year Retired Navy Senior Chief and Naval Counselor.  He was on several ships in his first 8 years of service.  He was in the Gulf War and Desert Storm.  

Since his retirement from the Navy, Patrick received two degrees one in Political Science and one in Communications and received a minor in Sociology from Arizona State University.  He graduated with honors.  

Patrick is the co-author of The Brandon Act which passed on the National Defense Authorization Act on December 27, 2021.  It is the greatest accomplishment for him.  Patrick did not know how high the suicide rate was in the Armed Forces until Brandon's death.  Together with Teri, Patrick is determined to end the stigma of military personnel getting help and ending suicides in the US Military.  

The Advisory Board

Lindsey Rowland_edited.jpg

Secretary/Advisor to CEO
Lindsey Rowland
10-year Army Veteran 

Lindsey is an Army veteran of 10 years, she served two years total in Iraq, several years as a company commander with the 10th Mountain Division and later selected as a Foreign Area Officer for Germany. 


She has a BA in Journalism and a Master’s in Public Administration. In the past 2 years Lindsey started LR Lobbying based in DC, with a focus on military and veteran legislation. Prior to working for a lobbying firm on the Hill, she spent time working for a congressman. 


She became involved in the Brandon Act during it’s second year on the hill. Due to her time as an army officer she felt this was and is a powerful piece of legislation. 


Today, she supports the Brandon Caserta Foundation and the powerful movement to the accessibility to proper mental healthcare for our military members, through this legislation and the many workings of the foundation. She is excited and honored to be apart of this foundation. 

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